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Select the Right Barcode Scanner

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Select the Right Barcode Scanner

For businesses that deal with a lot of inventory, barcode scanner technology is a must. 

With a quality barcode generator and barcode reader, any business can easily track thousands or even millions of pieces of inventory easily and efficiently. It is a rapidly growing technology that is becoming more efficient every year.

Like any technology, it can be difficult to remain current with the changes in technology and getting left behind can be detrimental to your business. We are here to ensure your business never falls behind the curve and always has access to the best barcode readers and scanners on the market.

A Different Barcode Scanner for Every Business

Selecting a barcode scanner doesn't need to be complex, but it does require a comprehensive knowledge of two things: the various types of scanners and the individual needs of your business and we have you covered on both accounts.

While we don’t’ know the ins and outs of your business a dedicated account manager can be assigned to work with you and understand the needs of your business. We also know scanners inside and out and are able to explain the differences in layman terms, assisting you to select the exact type of barcode generator and barcode reader for you.

Barcode scanners are used by almost every single business that has inventory. This means that not only is your local grocery store using scanners to identify the price of your milk, but that your electric company is also using scanners to identify which meter is located at the top of a 30 foot tall utility pole. As you might expect, the former requires a different type of scanner than the latter.

Basics of Barcode Readers

A barcode scanner requires two elements: something that will "read" the barcode and a computer that will identify the barcode after reading it. What type of reader you use and what type of computer you use usually depends on what type of industry you are in and where the scanner is being used. 

The main factors for determining the exact type of scanner your business needs are:

  • Portability - Most scanners are designed to remain in one place and be attached to a computer that doesn't move. Some scanners are handheld and wirelessly communicate with a computer while others have a built in computer.
  • Barcode Type - Simple laser and linear imager scanners can only read a 1D barcode, which are easier to produce, but offer lower security. For more complex stacked and 2D barcodes, you need a 2D area imager.
  • Primary User - An employee trained in the use of the scanner will have no difficulty with a basic 1D barcode presentation scanner, which requires scanning an item from a precise direction and angle. If the scanner is intended to be used by an untrained customer, though, like at a self check out, you would likely want a more flexible in-counter linear image scanner.
  • Durability - Scanners that are intended to be used in a controlled environment don't require much durability. However, scanners that are intended to be used outdoors and that are regularly transported in moving vehicles need to be more durable, protected from water, dust, and falls of a modest height.

Increased Productivity Saves You Money

The right scanner will greatly increase the productivity of your company, which will save your business money in the long run. Take advantage of our knowledge of scanners to make that savings as large as possible.