Barcode Scanners for MYOB

Compatible Barcode Scanners and Printers for MYOB Retail Manager

The use of Barcode Scanners in conjunction with MYOB decreases Data Entry Errors, increases productivity and lowers operational costs.

This is achieved by eliminating the hand-keying of data.

We recommend the following products for barcode scanning with MYOB Retail Manager:-

Zebra LS2208 1D Barcode Scanner

The Zebra LS2208 scans 1D Linear Barcodes and connects via a USB Port.  It comes with a Hands Free Stand.

The LS2208 is a corded scanner and is attached to the computer.

The LS2208 can be connected to either a Windows or Mac Computer.

The scanner can be configured to send a TAB, Enter or other command after each scan which allows for quick and efficient scanning.

Instructions are included or you can speak with a Barcode Store Expert to assist.

Zebra LI4278 Cordless Barcode Scanner

The Zebra LI4278 is Bluetooth Compatible and offers cordless freedom.  The cradle is connected via a USB cradle.

You can work up to 100 metres away from the base cradle.

The LI2478 can also scan barcodes on electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

If you are out of range the scanner can scan and record barcodes in it's memory for automatic download when it comes back in range.

Zebra DS4208 2D Barcode Scanner

As well as scanning 1D barcodes the DS4208 can scan Data Matrix and QR codes.

The Zebra DS4208 has USB connectivity and is a corded option.

 Barcodes can be scanned in any orientation saving time at the checkout.

EZYSCAN Bundle for StockTake and Inventory Management

The Ezyscan Software solution has been bundled to make your life easier and has 3 independent functions: 

  • Scan only - scans barcodes and keeps a count of the number of barcodes recorded;
  • Scan with Quantity - Scan barcodes and then record a quantity, it then loops back to scan the next barcode;
  • Scan with Location and Quantity - Allows you to enter or scan in a location and then scan barcodes and quantity against that location.
  • Each function has a review screen which allows you to select and delete records.
  • When scanning is completed the handheld device is docked into the cradle which is connected via USB to your PC.  Through your PC you can browse the file and extract your data file which will be in a .CSV or .txt format. 


MYOB Retail Manager is compatible with most POS Hardware including: -


Barcode Scanners 

(USB, Keyboard Wedge or Serial Port Connectivity)

Barcode Printers

Cash Drawers

Docket Printers

For Further information Contact a Barcode Expert