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Stock Count

Request Quantity
  • Scan And Record A Stock Count
  • Pre-Load Reference Files
  • Completed Data Emailed From Devices
  • Built For Zebra Mobile Devices
  • Part of the Barcode Manager System

Stock Count

The Stock Count Entry function allows the user to perform a quick and efficient stock count of their barcoded assets.  Using a Zebra mobile computer with built in barcode scanner, user's scan their 1D or 2D barcode and enter a quantity against each scanned barcode.  

Key Features are:

  • Validate each scanned barcode against a pre-loaded reference file.
  • All decimal values to be recorded
  • All zero quantity to be recorded
  • All assets to be identified by an alternative barcode
  • Append or overwrite previous scanned quantities
  • Select the reference data you want returned
  • Send all data via email with options for header data and unique filenames,
  • Use .CSV or .TXT file format
  • Easily delete scanned data on-screen
  • Review scanned data as you progress

Stock Count is part of a suite of functions, contained in the Barcode Manager Application.  Designed and developed for ease of use, Barcode Manager runs on the Zebra Technologies range of Android Touch Mobile Computers.  A cost effective solution developed for the small to medium enterprise to give businesses access to the simplified but important barcoding applications.  The complete suite of barcode centric functions provided in the Barcode Manager application are:

Barcode Compare : Functionality to scan two barcodes in sequence and determine if they both match.

Barcode List : Functionality to scan multiple barcodes and record the scanned barcodes in either a .csv or .txt data file.

Barcode Lookup : Functionality to download a lookup product file in .csv format onto the mobile device, as barcodes are scanned, matching data is returned from the product file, displayed on screen and additional data can be recorded.

Stock Count : Functionality to scan a barcode and enter a quantity for each barcode scanned.