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EZYSCAN - Proof of Delivery

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  • Achieve Instant Proof Of Delivery Data
  • Capture GPS of Delivery/Signature Point
  • Capture Barcoded & Non-Barcoded Items
  • Produce Customer Delivery Reports
  • Hosted or On Premise Options

EZYSCAN - Proof of Delivery Application 

Datanet Enterprise Scanning Module – Proof Of Delivery (POD)

Datanet have developed a range of software applications suitable for small to medium sized businesses looking to automate administration processes, saving time and money without the significant costs of customised solutions and ongoing subscription fees.

Datanet Enterprise Scanning Modules are ideal for businesses that want to eliminate the labour and form costs associated with paper-based systems and improve productivity providing real-time visibility for managers and associated departments.

Proof of Delivery Software

Android Application

EzyScan – Proof Of Delivery is designed specifically for companies who perform their own deliveries and do not require job dispatch, but require an easy to use application to allow the capture of products delivered in any unit of measure (both bar-coded and non-barcoded), time and date, GPS co-ordinates of delivery point and most importantly a signed proof of delivery from the receiver.

The hosted backend component provides your office staff with a real time clear view of completed deliveries as they occur. Full reporting and database access allows for real time data feeds to accounting and ERP systems.

Drivers using EzyScan – Proof of Delivery select and/or record key delivery information such as Delivery Location, Reference Field (For order or invoice number), 3rd Party Supplier Details (Optional). At delivery point deliveries can either be scanned or alternatively enter a quantity delivered against a specific unit of measure. Finally note the receivers name, capture their on screen signature and let the device record the GPS co-ordinates plus date and time stamp seamlessly.

Additional application features allow drivers to: –

  • Record start and stop times, with reason code selection required.
  • Cancel Jobs for delivery and record a reason.
  • Allocate customers to routes, thus only allowing drivers see their routes or all routes.
  • Set a default unit of measure for drivers, to speed up the delivery process.
  • An Screen review report to show customers what you are delivering before signing.
  • Web Application – Administration

A hosted back-end which allows you to monitor and manage your deliveries anywhere. Our Administration centre allows you to perform the following key functions.

Setup and Manage

  • Delivery Locations
  • Suppliers
  • Unit of Measures
  • Stop Codes
  • Cancellation Codes
  • Routes

Run delivery Report’s using a number of filters. View what has being delivered, who signed, GPS co-ordinates, quantities and more. Produce a customer friendly PDF report for you customer.