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Zebra LI4278 [1D-BLUETOOTH] Barcode Scanner

$260.00 GST exclusive
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  • In Stock - Delivery Overnight via StarTrack
  • Bluetooth Range Up to 10 Metres
  • Scans Virtually Any 1D Barcode - Off Any Surface
  • Memory Storage For Out Of Range Scans
  • Includes Scanner, Cradle & USB Cable
  • Pair with USB Cradle, iOS & Android
  • Electronic Pairing Guide Available
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How the Zebra Li4278 Barcode Scanner Works

How It Works “In the box you receive, the LI4278 barcode scanner, a cradle and a 2.1-meter-long USB cable and Quick Start Guide. The USB cable connects the cradle to your PC or MAC, this supplies power to the cradle for charging the battery in your LI4278. The LI4278 scanner seamlessly pairs with the cradle allowing you up to 100 metres of Bluetooth range to scan barcodes into the application on your PC. The included Quick Start Booklet, gives instructions on how to add an Enter or Tab after each scan, details on scanner Beeper Indications, LED Indications and a detailed troubleshooting guide. The LI4278 scanner will scan virtually any 1D barcode. Want to pair your LI4278 direct to an Android, iOS or Windows Tablet device, we will email you the easy to follow pairing guide for your device.”


The LI4278 has the ability to scan virtually all 1D barcodes you present to it.  Barcodes can be scanned from any surface, including mobile phone screens.  The LI4278 Bluetooth scanner can be paired with the cradle it comes with, with your iOS device, Android device or any Windows Tablet device. 

The LI4278 is built for everyday use, it's superior battery power management delivers the largest number of scans per battery charge to support scan intensive applications.  It's sturdy housing means you can use it in dusty and wet environments.  As easy to use outdoors in bright sunlight as well as indoors in dim lighting, the bright crisp aiming line of the linear scanner makes the LI4278 the best performer.


Some Numbers

1.8 - Drop survival in meter to concrete.

2.1 - Version of Bluetooth on board the LI4278.

3 - LI4278 scanners that can be used with a single desktop cradle.

7 - LI4278 scanners that can be used with a single presentation cradle.

72 - Hours of usage per full charge.

100+ - Consecutive drops to concrete it can withstand.

224 - Weight in Grams.

500+ - Barcodes that can be stored in memory when out of Bluetooth range.

57,000 - Scans per charge.

250,000 - Rated value for insertions of scanner into charging cradle.

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